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Botox Specialist

Women & Family Clinic

Sepideh Zahedy-Kapusta, MD

OB-GYN & Medical Spa located in La Habra, CA

When you’re ready to look and feel your best inside and out, Dr. Sepideh Zahedy-Kapusta of Women & Family Clinic in La Habra, California, is a board-certified physician offering Botox® Cosmetic and other aesthetic treatments for men and women in the La Habra area. Dr. Zahedy specializes in noninvasive, affordable cosmetic procedures including Botox and dermal fillers for adults who want to combat the signs of aging with in-office aesthetic procedures. To learn more, schedule a consultation online, or call for an appointment.

Botox Q & A

How does Botox reduce fine lines?

Botox injections are a prescription medication that relaxes facial muscles to smooth out skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is commonly used to treat frown lines between your eyebrows and crow’s feet around your eyes. Dr. Zahedy or one of her certified, registered nurses administers Botox injections at Women & Family Clinic, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the best cosmetic treatments in a medical environment.

At your appointment, one of the highly-trained staff injects tiny amounts of the Botox solution into the muscles of your forehead and around your eyes. Typically, you may see the positive effects of a Botox treatment in a day or two after the procedure for moderate to severe frown lines. The injections are virtually painless, and the results last up to four months.*

Dr. Zahedy has an artistic eye for cosmetic procedures and selects the best ones to help you have a more youthful appearance. To maintain your desired appearance, she may recommend additional treatments following your initial appointment.

What can I expect after my treatment?

The beauty of Botox injections is that they are minimally invasive, require no surgery, and need no downtime. Side effects are mild, and usually disappear in a couple days, but may include inflammation, tenderness, swelling, or redness in the area that is treated. You can usually return to your daily activities immediately following a treatment. On average, the actual injections take about 10 minutes in Dr. Zahedy’s office.

What dermal fillers are available?

Dr. Zahedy offers a variety of dermal fillers that reduce sagging skin and restore lost volume to your facial features.* Depending on your individual needs, she recommends a filler that will give you the most effective results for your desired appearance.

Some dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm® and Belotero Balance®, contain hyaluronic acid, a substance produced naturally by your body.

Juvéderm works well at minimizing the appearance of lines around your nose and jowls. It can also enhance your lips, cheeks, and chin, making them appear firmer. Results from treatment with Juvéderm lasts from six to 12 months.

Belotero Balance is a soft gel that works to provide evenness, enhance facial contours, and treat fine lines. It’s used to treat facial lines around the eyes and lips, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Results are almost immediate.

Radiesse® creates plumper cheeks and softens the creases from your nose to the corners of your mouth. It contains calcium hydroxylapatite, which stimulates natural collagen production in the treated area over time. The results are almost immediate and last a year or more for many patients.

*Individual results may vary.