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BOTOX/DYSPORT treatment can erase crow’s feet, frown & forehead lines as it softens your appearance, so you look younger and refreshed without surgery and downtime. It usually takes only a few days to work as it begins to settle in the injection site. And its effects can last four to six months. You’ll need future treatments as your facial muscles begin to contract again and lines and wrinkles return. But BOTOX/DYSPORT trains those muscles to relax. So over time, any lines and wrinkles will become less evident.


How does BOTOX/DYSPORT work?

BOTOX/DYSPORT Cosmetic blocks the release of a substance called acetylcholine. This reduces muscle activity that causes moderate to severe wrinkles to form. Ziba Med Spa is proud to offer top quality aesthetic services include the popular BOTOX/DYSPORT injections, helping to eliminate the visible signs of aging.



Say “no” to sagging skin. As you age, your body loses collagen, elastin, and fat, which cause your youthful appearance to disappear. You may notice deep folds begin to develop around your nose and mouth, as well as cheek skin begins to sag. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Radiesse, reduce the appearance of sagging skin. Read more about how dermal fillers can restore volume and enhance your natural features.


Juvederm is one of the most widely used dermal fillers today. It is a gel like substance that contains hyaluronic acid which is a biodegradable substance found naturally in our bodies. It is often used for the nasolabial folds (smile lines), jowls and to enhance the lips, cheeks, and chin. Juvederm is known to last anywhere from 6-12 months.



ALL RESTYLANE FILLERS USE HA GEL TECHNOLOGY MADE of transparent hyaluronic acids, which are sugars naturally found in the skin that help provide hydration, fullness, and elasticity.



SKINVIVE is a smooth hyaluronic acid gel that's injected as microdroplets below the surface of the skin, increasing hydration to improve cheek smoothness, hydration, and more skin glow lasting up to 6 months.



Get started on our weight loss program with our medication options. Semaglutide and tirzepatide, both FDA approved and clinically proven to help you lose weight. Both medications help with appetite suppression and help you feel full faster. Not only does it help you look good but helps improve health benefits such as improved blood sugar levels, lower A1C levels, etc. Injections will be given in office weekly.




Vitamin C

Benefits: brighter skin, antiaging, increase collagen, prevents cold and viruses



Benefits: antioxidant, brain support, immunity support, improves muscles and joint discomfort


Vitamin B

Benefits: Energy boost, improves fatigue, helps regulate sleep.


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